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Romania confirm Eurovision 2023 participation as TVR search for Swiss legal teams over EBU dispute

August 29, 2022


Romania have officially confirmed their participation in Eurovision 2023, despite their ongoing dispute with the EBU.

Just a few months ago, Romania were threatening to withdraw from Eurovision, and threatening to sue the EBU over the voting irregularities that were found with them and five other countries in semi final 2. 

Fast forward to now, and Romania appear to have changed their tune… almost! Whilst the Administrative Council has approved Romania’s participation in Eurovision 2023, they have also confirmed that the broadcaster plans to search for Swiss legal teams over their dispute with the EBU.

President-Director General, Dan Cristian Turturică, has requested that the members of the board of directors present a mandate to contact Swiss law firms with regards to the broadcaster’s dispute with the EBU as they are looking to assess their chances of winning said dispute.

In his initial response to the voting allegations made against them at Eurovision 2022, Dan mentioned: “No, I’m not giving up on the idea of prosecuting them, we are still working very hard on this analysis of the rules to see where they really went wrong, where the rules should have required them to come to the Member States must report a irregular situation, but at the same time we have to do it very carefully and above all in a very cerebral way, especially since the emotions of those moments have dissipated, so that we can really obtain a remedy, but without ruining our relationship with the EBU.”

Are you happy to see Romania confirming their participation in Eurovision 2023? What are your thoughts on their dispute with the EBU? Let us know what you think in the comments below!

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