Will Robin represent Finland on Eurovision 2022?

October 22, 2021


He is one of Finlands hottest stars and many have been praying for years that he will take the stage on The Eurovision Song Contest and this year, there prayers mind have been answered! Finnish singer Robin Packalen has spoken about his interest in representing his country in Turin next year in an interview for public broadcaster Yle.

Who is Robin Packalen?

Robin started his career when he was only 10 years old, and has had some huge successes with his Finnish pop albums. Now he is trying to conquer the international music industry by singing in the English language.

In his interview with Finnish broadcaster Yle, Robin talkes about the difficulties the recent pandemic brought to him. Since he was fully prepared to enter the international market, the pandemic really could not come at a worse time for him. It caused his planned album and tour for 2020 to be suspended.

But of course, it’s not all bad! He explained that right now he and his talented team are mainly focussed on breaking through in Asia, especially China and land of the K-pop; South Korea. He even collaborated with K-pop singer Saay!

But then the conversation got more Eurovision oriented. First of all, the Finnish superstar told Yle there potentially will be a collaboration with Swedish pop singer Darin to follow the collab with Saay. And Darin is actually one the most potential Melodifestivalen 2022 hopefuls). And then the most exciting news any Finnish Eurovision fan can hear; he expressed his interest in a Eurovision participation!

What sort of music does Robin Packalen make?

In the beginning of his career, he started out as a real teen pop-icon, kind of like how Justin Bieber started out at the beginning of his career. He started out with songs in the Finnish language, but as he is getting older (right now he is 23 years old) his music evolved with him. Now his songs are written in the English Language and are characterized by a uptempo beat and to be honest, I can not stop dancing to his songs. Want to dance along with me? You can listen to his songs on Spotify right here! 

During his career the Finnish singer has received four(!) Finnish grammy’s and one MTV EMA award. Right now, our 2021 winners Måneskin are nominated for MTV EMA awards! You can read our article about it here

Will he represent Finland on Eurovision 2022?

Now that he has expressed his interest, there is a very big chance the Finnish public broadcaster will select him to represent Finland next year on stage. But will he be waving the flag of Finland next year? Or will Yle keep Robin in their pocket for another year? What do you think? Let us know in the comments below!

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