Right wing radicals stage anti-LGBT rally at MÉLOVIN concert

December 28, 2022



Just a few days ago, Ukraine’s Eurovision 2018 representative, MÉLOVIN, who came out as bisexual last year, held a charity concert in Kyiv, in support of Ukraine and the ongoing conflict.

On the day of the charity concert, several aggressive people wearing face masks, turned up at the entrance to the club and staged an anti-LGBT rally. Some of these people were holding posters saying ‘LGBT – distruction of the family.’

Fortunatley, no-one at the charity concert was hurt, and the concert was able to carry on as normal. MÉLOVIN went on to make the following statement in his concert: The main thing that everyone should remember is that you need to live right now, don’t put off your life, continue to live, drink coffee, take selfies, help others and your country.”

MÉLOVIN has since received a lot of support, with many people standing up in defence of MÉLOVIN, and condeming the actions of the people who staged the rally. Sadly, this is not the first time that MÉLOVIN, (who is actively in support of human rights and the LGBT community), has suffered this kind of treatment.

MÉLOVIN is one of the biggest stars in Ukraine. His career break came in 2015 when he was crowned the winner of X Factor Ukraine’s sixth season.

In 2018, he represented Ukraine in Eurovision with “Under The Ladder” where he finished in 17th place in the final.

Since then, he has continued to release music, tour across Ukraine, and has even appeared on television shows, winning The Masked Singer Ukraine in December 2021.

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