Riches to Rags: Former UK Eurovision Winner Has Forgiven her Ex Husband

| November 24, 2020

Sandie Shaw brought Eurovision glory to the United Kingdom in 1967 with her timeless hit ‘Puppet On A String‘ and went on to earn thousands of pounds from her music.  Speaking on the podcast Person of Interest, she explained how she went on to lose her fortune after her then husband, Jeff Banks, allegedly spent her money financing an unsuccessful careers as a designer.  She said:

I had that old-school way of thinking about marriage, like “stand by your man”. When he was losing all my money without asking I thought that was part of being married. It was a real wake-up call to me that that’s not how it is.

She revealed how she then ended up living in a caravan with her daughter.  Shaw divorced Banks in 1968, and declares that she has rebuilt her life and is now ‘amazingly happy‘ and has even started speaking to Mr Banks again.

In 2018, Sandy Shaw was honoured with an ‘MBE‘ award from the British Royal Family at Buckingham Palace


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