Remo Forrer tells a story on stage in a captivating first rehearsal

April 30, 2023


Remo Forrer has treated us to a captivating performance for his first rehearsal.

The Swiss singer has given us dark moody vibes for his Eurovision performance of “Watergun”.

@eurovision A heartfelt and haunting call for peace✌️🇨🇭 #Eurovision2023 #Eurovision @remoforrer ♬ original sound - Eurovision

In a move that’s maybe rather unexpected for some, Remo is joined by four dancers on stage. All dressed in black, amidst a backdrop of red and white lights, they bring the story of “Watergun” to life in a very artistic way.

The addition of dancers adds a certain dynamism to the whole performance, and help to draw people in to the performance, as they intertwine with Remo and one another.

Stay tuned for the final two first rehearsals for today – Moldova and Sweden!

What do you think of Remo’s rehearsal? What are your thoughts on the addtion of backing dancers? Let us know in the comments below!

Photo credit: Corrine Cumming / EBU

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