Rasmussen asks us to “Stand By Each Other” with new single release

June 4, 2021


Rasmussen has once again teamed up with Swedish hitmakers, Niclas Arn and Gustav Eurén, for his latest song, “Stand By Each Other”. Rasmussen has previously worked with Arn and Eurén on his Eurovision 2018 song “Higher Ground” and his 2019 single “Go Beyond”.

Stand By Each Other is about speaking up when someone needs your help: “We’ve all experienced that feeling of “I wish that I had said or done something”. So this song is about fighting intolerance and injustice. Defend the defenceless. Stand up against bullies. Not by violence, but by simply letting them know, that we will stand by each other.”

The track has been composed by Niclas Arn, Gustav Eurén, Andreas Grube, Jonas Wesslander and Rassmusen himself, with Niclas Arn and Jonas Wesslander as producers. The song is available on Spotify, Tidal, Yousee, Apple Music and Deezer, as well as YouTube.

Have you heard Rasmussen’s latest song? What do you think of the song and it’s music video? Let us know in the comments below!

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