Raiven to represent Slovenia at Eurovision 2024

December 12, 2023


RTVSLO have announced that Raiven will represent Slovenia at the Eurovision Song Contest 2024 in Malmö with the song "Veronika"!

The announcement was made on Slovenian TV channel MMC TV. Slovenia were initially going to revert back to using their national selection Evrovizijska Melodija (EMA) to select their entry for 2024 after selecting the act internally for only the third last year. However like 2023, Slovenian broadcaster Radiotelevizija Slovenija have decided to plans and once again select their act internally. 

Speaking to the press, Raiven said “I am honoured, but I am also scared.”

Slovenian head of delegation Maša Kljun told TV Slovenia:

“We chose in such a way that it is not only important that someone really wants to go there, but that someone may already have a story with which to travel there. As we know, Eurovision is also watched and takes place very intensively on social networks.”

Her entry is called “Veronika” and will be released on 20 January.

Who is Raiven?

Sara Briški Cirman, better known as Raiven, is a 26 year old singer, mezzo-soprano, songwriter and harpist. She specialises in a wide range of music genres, from electropop to opera. 

Many Eurovision fans will be familiar with Raiven through her frequent participations in EMA. Sadly Raiven was always the bridesmaid and never the bride, finishing 2nd in 2016 with “Črno bel“, 3rd in 2017 with “Zažarim“, and most recently 2nd place again in 2019 with “KAOS“. Raiven has come close on many occasions to fly to flag for Slovenia at Eurovision. Well in 2024, she will finally get that opportunity in Malmö.

Slovenia at Eurovision

Slovenia debuted in the contest in 1994, finishing in 22nd place with 1X Band and their song “Tih deževen dan” (Quiet Rainy Day). Slovenia’s best result at the contest came only a year later when they reached 7th place with Darja Švajger and her song “Prisluhni mi” (Listen To Me).

After failing to qualify for two years in a row, including a last place finish in 2022, the Baltic country qualified for the grand final once again in 2023, with Joker Out! finishing in 21st place with their song “Carpe Diem“.

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