Princess party! Eden Alene and Alicja Szemplińska release songs for Disney project

May 27, 2021



Tell me, Eurovoxxers, now when did you last let your heart decide? OK, weird question, I know, but I’m only asking it because the Walt Disney Company has decided to hire the services of two Eurovision princesses. Eden Alene and Alicja Szemplińska have both contributed their voices – at their own will, not because some octopus witch took them – for a special project by the multinational entertainment corporation, celebrating the heroines of Disney movies.

To kick off Disney’s Ultimate Princess Celebration, a yearlong series of events dedicated to “the courage and kindness these Disney heroines inspire in fans all around the world”, singers from various countries were invited to record versions of the project’s theme song “Starting Now”. Eden, who recently came back from representing Israel in Eurovision 2021, where she finished 17th with “Set Me Free”, released the Hebrew version of the song titled “Me’Achshav”. Alicja, who won Poland’s national final and was slated to represent the country in Eurovision 2020 with “Empires”, issued the song’s Polish rendition called “Każda z nas”.

The original English-language track is performed by US R&B singer Brandy. In all its versions, the lyrics include references to various Disney princesses such as Mulan and Moana. Israeli news outlet The Jerusalem Post reports that the song is set to appear in a musical special airing this August. It’s not clear whether all versions of the song will be featured, but we hope to see Eden and Alicja there.

What do you think of the song (in any version)? Hoping to hear Eden and Alicja as animated princesses soon? Let us know in the comments below!

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