Portugal: INÊS APENAS releases second EP “Leve(mente)”

June 13, 2023



INÊS APENAS is back with her highly anticipated second EP "Leve(mente)".

Independent singer-songwriter and pianist, INÊS APENAS has just dropped her second EP, titled “Leve(mente)” (Lightly).

The EP consists of six tracks, showcasing a mix of pop, r’n’b, Raggaeton and Drum&Bass, and includes her Festival da Canção 2023 entry “Fim do Mundo”. There are also two collaborations that have already made it to Spotify’s EQUAL Global playlist.

“Leve(mente)” is available to stream on Spotify. The official music video for “Fim do Mumdo” is available on Spotify, alongside visualizers for the remaining five tracks.

INÊS says what she thinks on this EP, without any filter or explanation, as she explains:

“Each of these songs show a part of me: there are many layers in them, different styles and feelings, by a girl who’s becoming a woman. I worked every detail in a more mature, confident and lightly way – as I did already in ‘Fim do Mundo’. The music speaks for itself. I bring a clear desire for freedom, in every aspect of it, and an ambition for days that feel more free and focused on good energy. In this EP I say what I think, without any filter or limitation.”

INÊS has teamed up with producers NED FLANGERJoana Rodrigues and Choro for this EP. She has collaborated with Malva (vocalist of the hip-hop duo redoma) on “Tensa”, with SOLUNA on “La Nena” and with LEFT on “Leve(mente)”.


INÊS APENAS is a singer-songwriter and pianist, born in Paris. When she was three years old, she moved to Portugal and soon after, began studying music at Orfeão de Leiria, as well as classic Piano at ESMAE in Oporto.

In 2019, INÊS took to the Festival da Canção stage as a backing vocalist for Surma on her track “Pugna” that made it to fifth place in the final.

Her first song released as INÊS APENAS was “Tu Fazes Tão” in July 2021, followed by her debut EP “um dia destes” in 2022. This EP has since amassed over 100k streams on digital streaming platforms. September 2022 saw the release of “Batata Frita“, a collaboration with AVALANCHE, NED FLANGER and Tom Maciel, which became a big radio hit in Portugal.

In 2023, INÊS was selected as a contestant for Festival da Canção 2023, through the open call for artists. With “Fim do Mundo” she qualified to the final where she finished in 13th place.

Have you heard INÊS’s EP “Leve(mente)” yet? Were you a fan of her in Festival da Canção 2023? Let us know in the comments below!

Photo credit: Luís S. Tavares

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