Polish Musicians Union calls for Polish songwriters for Eurovision

| July 4, 2021

Whilst Poland is yet to officially confirm their participation in Eurovision 2022, the Polish broadcaster TVP has given some big hints as to how the Polish entry will be chosen.

Following calls from the Polish Musicians Union to TVP prior to Eurovision 2021 that the next entry should be written by Polish songwriters, Jacek Kurski, president of TVP, has released a statement. He says that the main platform for promoting Polish artists and songwriters is the National Festival of Polish Song in Opole, and that there is no obligation for singers or songwriters to come from the country they are representing at Eurovision.

Many countries frequently use foreign songwriters, and sometimes even artists, to represent them at Eurovision. Poland is no exception to this at both Eurovision and the Junior contest, but it has brought mixed results. The country won Junior Eurovision in 2018 with the song “Anyone I Want To Be,” written by a team of both foreign and Polish writers. However, Poland’s most recent Eurovision effort, Rafał’s “The Ride,” was entirely Swedish-written and produced, and failed to qualify to the grand final.

However, Kurski does not rule out a homegrown song representing Poland in 2022 – he has asked the Musicians Union to submit 15 potential songs by the end of 2021, one of which may be chosen. The wording of this suggests that Poland could opt for another internal selection, rather than reverting to previous national final formats such as Krajowe Eliminacje or Szansa Na Sukces.

For the Musicians Union, this is not good enough; they have responded saying that TVP “has neither the competence nor the desire” to organise a national final which promotes Polish culture.

Do you think that countries should use fewer foreign-written songs at Eurovision? Would you like to see a return to a national final for Poland? Let us know in the comments below!

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