Plans for Eurovision Asia have been dropped by SBS

May 26, 2021


It had been planned for several years, and when preparing the debut of the American Song Contest, the Eurovision Asia Song Contest is really in this field of ideas. The Asian format of the Eurovision Song Contest seemed to be on course in 2017, but there were always difficulties in co-ordinating at a geographical level, and gradually the subject fell into oblivion.

Now Josh Martin, Australia’s head of delegation at Eurovision, and editor of the SBS broadcaster, confirmed that SBS has waived its rights for Eurovision Asia: “I think it is fair to say that we have rescinded our rights. We spent several years trying to figure out how to do it and then the global pandemic came. It is very different from the way that Eurovision started in the post-World War II era, as a means of bringing people together. There was a real purpose for its creation ”.

Regarding the Asian spin-off, Josh Martin listed numerous obstacles: “Eurovision Asia is difficult for several reasons: time zones, language barriers, all kinds of problems. We tried hard, but we never managed to define anything. It is like any television program. You do many things for development and not all of them get up. So, this was a program that we were unable to make work for any reason ”.

Do you feel sorry about the cancellation of Eurovision Asia? Do you think it could happen in a near future? Share your thoughts with us about it!

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