Plans for a hybrid Eurovision village in Rotterdam

March 15, 2021


In a letter, the city councillor for Education, Culture and Tourism, Said Kasmi, gives details.

Considering the current health situation, the organization of a village as in the previous editions “does not seem realistic”. An alternative option is therefore being studied.
Thus, social distancing would be in place, a limited reception capacity and probably a small stage for performance. Other measures could be taken such as entering the open-air village in shifts, keeping 1,5 m distance while being seated.
The decision regarding the organisation of the EuroVillage will be taken mid-April. It will be specified at this time if a live audience can be allowed or if the organization must be done online and what activities will be offered in the city. 
The 65th edition of the Eurovision Song Contest is to be held from May 18 to 22, 2021 in the city of Rotterdam, Netherlands. 40 countries are expected to participate in this year’s edition.

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