Pastora Soler or Ruth Lorenzo? Can you guess who the Peacock is on The Masked Singer?

| November 5, 2020

The famous program of masked singers arrived in Spain last night under the name “Mask Singer: Adivina quién canta” (Mask Singer: Guess who sings) and all the Eurovision fans quickly laid their eyes on one of the characters whose voice sounds very familiar: The Peacock.

Singing Tina Turner’s hit “The Best”, Peacock surprised the jury with her great voice. “This woman is a professional singer… And if she is not, she is losing money!”, the jury said with great surprise. At that time, social networks placed two names among the Spanish Trending Topics: Pastora Soler and Ruth Lorenzo.

Could you guess who the Peackock is? The truth is that some of the clues given by the Masked Singer fit both artists:

“My colored feathers have led me to be a great international Star”, she said while drinking a cocktail with the flag of Spain. Both the jury of the program and the fans on social networks associated this with Eurovision. Pastora Soler and Ruth Lorenzo were 10th in Eurovision 2012 and 2014 respectively and, to this day, they continue to be remembered as some of the great voices of the last decade. In addition, before being known in Spain, Ruth Lorenzo began her career in the United Kingdom thanks to the “X Factor”.

Her other clue was “I’m very good at dancing and thanks to dancing I had my greatest joys”. We must not forget that Ruth Lorenzo’s song in Eurovision was titled “Dancing in the rain”! In addition to the 10th place in Eurovision, this song marked the takeoff of Ruth’s career in her native Spain. That’s a great joy! But dance is also closely linked to Pastora Soler. 16 years ago, Pastora Soler began dating her choreographer. They got married in 2009 and, now, they are parents of two beautiful daughters: Estrella and Vega. Is there greater joy than the birth of a child?

Finally, Peacock confessed the following:  “My flight has not always been easy, for a while I had to go through a strong storm”. Again a link to Ruth’s song in Eurovision: The rain! The singer was inspired by her personal story to write this song, specifically, in the bad time she lived after her success in Factor X and the great financial problems she suffered after breaking her contract with her record company. But the last decade has not been perfect for Pastora Soler either. After Eurovision, the singer had an overwhelming success in Spain. She had so much work that it ended up damaging her mental health, so she decided to retire from music. She wouldn’t reappear again until three years later with a song of improvement called “La Tormenta” (“The Storm”).

Javier Calvo, one of the members of the jury, said Ruth Lorenzo’s name without any doubt. However, the rest of the jury members also added two names of women who represented Spain in Eurovision: Rosa López (Spain 2002) and Paloma San Basilio (Spain 1985).

The argument in favor of Paloma San Basilio doesn’t go beyond her imposing voice, which has made her triumph in many countries. However, Rosa, in addition to winning Operación Triunfo and representing Spain in Eurovision 2002, also won the Spanish version of “Dancing with the Stars” in 2006 and represented Spain in the first edition of the Eurovision Dance Contest in 2007. The singer recently recounted in an interview a bad time she suffered due to a health incident. Rosa told how someone from her team forced her to receive injections so that her vocal cords could support the singer’s exhausting work rhythm. Those injections ended up damaging her vocal cords and Rosa’s voice has not been the same again.

We still do not know who is behind that Peacock mask and we will have to wait for the contest to continue advancing to find out.

So how about you? Do you recognize her voice? Do you think she is Pastora Soler? Or do you think she’s Ruth Lorenzo? Leave your opinion in the comments!

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