Pabandom iš Naujo – Who are the qualifiers from heat two?

January 15, 2022



The Lithuanian pre-selection Pabandom iš Naujo! continued today. The heat was pre-recorded earlier this week and aired tonight, with it also being the first time we heard most of the songs publicly. 

The hosts of the show were Giedrius Masalskis, Ieva Stasiulevičiūtė and Richardas Jonaitis.

6 of the 11 competing acts from tonight’s heat qualified to the semi finals, due to be held on 29th January and 5th February. The qualifiers were decided by a combination of jury vote and televote. 

Who are the 6 qualifiers?

  1. Ieva Zasimauskaitė- I’ll Be There
  2. Justė Kraujelytė- How to Get Back to My Life
  3. Titas ir Benas- Getting Through This
  4. Queens of Roses- Washing Machine
  5. Moosu X- Love that Hurts
  6. Emilijana- Illuminate

Ieva Zasimauskaitė won the jury vote, while Emilijana won the televote.

The last contestants will battle for a semi final slot in next week’s final heat. Who was your favourite from heat one? Did your favourite make the semi finals? Let us know in the comments below or on our social media!

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