North Macedonia: Andrea releases revamped version of Eurovision 2022 entry “Circles”

March 10, 2022


Andrea is running and revamping in Circles as she releases the new version of her Eurovision 2022 entry “Circles” which will represent North Macedonia in Turin. 

The song was released on the official Eurovision YouTube channel, along with a new music video for the song. 

Andrea earned the right to represent her country after she won the North Macedonia national final ‘Za Evrosong’ in early February. 

Despite getting winning the jury vote in 2019, North Macedonia have historically struggled at Eurovision. Since the introduction of semi finals in 2004, the Balkan nation has qualified for the final 6 times and only twice since 2008 (2012 and 2019). Their entry last year was Vasil and his song “Here I Stand” which came 15th in semi final 1, failing the qualify. 

What do you think of North Macedonia’s revamped entry? Do you prefer it to the original? Let us know the comments below!

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