NEW: Updates from Eurovision 2021 Returning Artists for The Netherlands, Romania and Switzerland

| November 5, 2020

The official Eurovision website has been catching up with some of the Eurovision 2021 returning artists to get an exclusive of their preparations for next year!

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The Netherlands — Jeangu Macrooy

Jeangu Macrooy has exclusively revealed that he is “preparing for the performance of a lifetime” and promises a song “that’s going to be heard by the world“.

Jeangu is in the process of writing as many songs as possible.  He is working with his long-term producer ‘Perquisite‘ and exploring and experimenting with new music.  He revealed that since May, he has been reflecting a lot on life, the state of the world and his role as an artist.

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Romania — Roxen

Roxen has explained that, since May, she has been constantly thinking about Eurovision and has been spending a lot of time in the studio. In order to inspire her music, she has been turning to some other passions, such as reading, paining and walking a lot in nature.

Roxen goes on to say “While I love being in the studio and exploring every dimension of my music, I cannot wait to meet the other contestants and finally perform, but also to express the fact that music helps us all to open up and speak about all the things that we are going through. I’ve been constantly running through ideas for Eurovision, the most important music competition to me, so I can’t wait to show everyone what we’ve prepared“.

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Switzerland — Gjon’s Tears

Gjon’s Tears has tempted us with a mysterious update from Switerland.  We have learned that there are several songs are in contention to be his song for 2021. He himslef has been hard at work and involved in the making of many of the songs.

Like last year there will be an internal jury vote to decide which song will ultimately be selected for him to bring to the Eurovision stage. It has not yet been decided when the song will be released.


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