New Song for Switzerland: Gjon’s Tears announced he has chosen his 2021 entry!

| November 25, 2020

In March, the Swiss-Albanian singer Gjon’s Tears was announced as the Swiss participant for the 2020 Eurovision Song Contest with his song Répondez-Moi.

He’s also just confirmed on Instagram that he has chosen his song which he will perform in May next year at the 2021 Eurovision Song Contest held in Rotterdam. He is currently also working on other music together with his band.

Who is Gjon's Tears?

Gjon’s Tears is one of the singers who got another chance to show off his talent in next years competition after this years contest was cancelled due to the worldwide pandemic. Back in May, the Swiss broadcaster SRF explained how they would select a modern, striking song that complies with international requirements.

Below you can watch our very own Andy reacting to Gjon’s Tears’ Eurovision 2020 entry, Répondez-moi.

Switzerland at Eurovision

In 1956 the very first Eurovision Song Contest was hosted in Lugano, Switzerland, which they also won with the song Refrain. In 1988 Switzerland also won the contest with Céline Dion and her song Ne Partez Pas Sans Moi, which brought the contest to Switzerland again in 1989. Apart from winning twice, Switzerland also has 3 second places and 3 third places. Since 1956, Switzerland has only been absent in 4 contests. Some of the most memorable Swiss entries include Giorgio (1958), Vampires Are Alive (2007), Hunter Of Stars (2014) and She Got Me (2019). Gjon’s Tears, who was selected to represent Switzerland in 2020, was one of the favourites to win the contest before it got cancelled. 

What do you think about Gjon’s Tears coming back to Eurovision? Do you think his song will be a favorite again? Let us know in the comments below and follow us on our social media!

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