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Netherlands’ High-Energy Rehearsal of “Europapa

April 30, 2024


Closing out today’s rehearsals with a burst of energy is Joost Klein from the Netherlands, presenting his infectious dance track “Europapa.” Joost, a musician, writer, and artist, brings his unique flair to the Eurovision stage with a lively performance that celebrates Europe.

Credit: EBU/ Sarah-Louise Bennett/ NPO

Fans of Joost will be thrilled to see his signature dance moves and striking blue shoulder pads transported to Malmö. Accompanied by a keyboard player dressed as a fluffy blue and yellow bird, representing both the EU flag and a nod to Sweden, Joost delivers a visual and musical tour de force.

Credit: EBU/ Sarah-Louise Bennett/ NPO

The LED wall serves as a dynamic backdrop, showcasing a whirlwind of visuals that mirror the song’s lyrics. Throughout the performance, Joost is joined on stage by two female dancers in white tracksuits, enhancing the energetic vibe.

Were you captivated by Joost Klein’s lively first rehearsal of “Europapa”? Share your thoughts in the comments below! Let us know what elements of his high-energy stage presence resonated with you during this upbeat Eurovision rehearsal.

@eurovision Welkom in Europa! @joost is bringing it all together in rehearsals 🇳🇱 #Eurovision2024 ♬ original sound - Eurovision

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