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Mustii Showcases “Before The Party’s Over” at First Rehearsal

April 30, 2024


Belgium’s Mustii presented his rendition of “Before The Party’s Over” during his initial Eurovision rehearsal, highlighting his vocal talent and theatrical approach with a straightforward staging concept.

Credit: EBU, Corinne Cumming

Mustii, a well-known figure in Belgium as a singer, actor, and Drag Race judge, brought the mood of his official music video to the stage. His performance featured a rotating platform adorned with a circle of microphones, complemented by cloudy graphics projected on the backdrop and floor.

Credit: EBU, Sarah-Louise Bennett

Dressed in an open white shirt paired with a gem-encrusted top that caught the light gracefully, Mustii exuded a glam rock vibe, adding his unique touch to the performance.

During the final segment, Mustii moved to the front of the stage, delivering a compelling vocal display that resonated throughout the venue. The backing vocals, provided by enthusiastic Eurovision fans, contributed to the unified atmosphere of the show.

Credit: Sarah-Louise Bennett

Despite its simplicity, the staging effectively complemented Mustii’s emotive delivery and musical style.

Did Mustii’s rendition of “Before The Party’s Over” capture your attention? Share your thoughts in the comments below! Let us know what aspects of Mustii’s performance stood out to you during his Eurovision rehearsal.

@eurovision Belgium has had its first rehearsal and it's a multiple mic-drop from @Mustii 🇧🇪 #Eurovision2024 ♬ original sound - Eurovision

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