MRT explain reason behind North Macedonia’s withdrawal from Eurovision 2024

December 9, 2023


MRT have explained the reasons why North Macedonia will not be present at Eurovision 2024.

North Macedonian broadcaster MRT have explained the reason behind their withdrawal from Eurovision 2024, which mark a second consecutive year that the Balkan nation will not be participating in the Eurovision Song Contest.

MRT believes that the decision for North Macedonia to not participate in Eurovision 2024 is in the best interests of citizens, especially when taking into consideration that next year is full of celebrations, that will be taking place throughout 2024.

The broadcaster will be focused on celebrating the great jubilee, as it will mark 80 years of North Macedonian radio and 60 years of North Macedonian television.

Despite not participating in Eurovision 2024, the broadcaster has confirmed that they will be broadcasting both semi finals and the final live on all their services.

North Macedonia’s absence from Eurovision 2024 marks the second consecutive year that they will not be participating in Eurovision, after sitting out the 2023 contest in Liverpool. The broadcaster explained that their absensce was due to the economic and energy crisis, along with the increased regristration fee for Eurovision.

North Macedonia’s last Eurovision participation was in Turin in 2022, when Andrea represented them with her song “Circles”. She finished in 11th place with 76 points in semi final two, after finishing in 10th place with the juries and 16th place with the televoters.

Are you sad to see North Macedonia out of Eurovision for another year? Do you think they could return to the contest in 2025? Let us know what you think in the comments below!

Photo credit: Nathan Reinds / EBU

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