Mimicat to keep ‘cabaret vibe’ for Eurovision staging

March 20, 2023


Mimicat has revealed that she wants to keep the cabaret vibe at Eurovision 2023.

In an interview with João Bacalhau and Carina Jorge, Mimicat spoke about the creation of “Ai Coração” winning Festival da Canção, and her plans and preparations for Eurovision 2023.

I still can’t tell you much because I still don’t have the performance set up, but I can say that we’re going to want to keep that cabaret vibe. We are working because the stage has a gigantic array of opportunities, of LEDs that move… And we are seeing what we can do to have a modern cabaret and try to optimize the performance… we will not have the sofa.”

Marisa “Mimicat” Mena was one of the four acts who was not invited to Festival da Canção 2023 by RTP, but instead, was selected under the free submissions category, something she is very grateful for.

“I am very grateful to RTP for choosing my song, but I think there should be more space for free submission… It’s mostly by invitation and invitations don’t always bring artists who have very good things in store and who can contribute a lot and the public needs to reach out to these artists.”

Mimicat takes over from Maro as Portugal’s Eurovision representative. Last year in Turin, Maro achieved a fantastic result for Portugal, as she brought the country back in to the top 10 for the first time since 2017. After a top 5 finish with the juries, Maro finished the night in 9th place overall.

Are you happy to hear that Mimicat will be keeping her staging similar for Eurovision 2023? What are you expecting from Portugal’s performance? Let us know in the comments below!

Photo credit: Pedro Pina / RTP

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