Mikolas Josef enters Czech Airplay Charts with “Lalalalalalalalalala”

| October 24, 2020

Mikolas Josef has released the music video to his new single “Lalalalalalalalalala” (the original with 10 “la”’s) last Sunday on the 19th of October. With a viewcount of almost 200.000 after 5 days, it has been a success already. In addition to that, Josef managed a chart debut in the Czech airplay charts at #29, leading to his 5th Top 30 place in this particular chart (together with “Lie To Me”, “Me Gusta”, “Abu Dhabi” & “Acapella”). In his music video, Josef shows himself in a very professionally made video mostly shirtless covered in blood in a very dark atmosphere. The video starts with the singer being upside-down and covered in blood in a dance club without getting any attention from the audience. Other scenes include a chase by rude paparazzis and him getting into an ambulance. This correlates both with the lyrics of the song and his recent life experiences, dealing with anxiety issues.

Josef’s new song is about letting go of negative influences in someone’s life. Lyrics such as “You’re low key mad. Your bad, if you think I’m coming back” make it clear that he doesn’t have any regrets and sorrows about cutting off strings which brought him down. This definitely correlates with his long social media absence in the past including a deletion of all his previous Instagram posts. He did his first post on 1st September, talking about massive anxiety issues and the need to take time for himself.  

Mikolas Josef is a well-known Czech singer and model, being the representative for the Czech Republic in 2018 in Lisbon. With the song “Lie To Me”, he did not just manage to be the second artist to qualify for the final for his country but achieved an impressive 6th place finish which is the best result so far for the Czech Republic.

Do you like the new single of Mikolas Josef? Do you think he will even place higher in the charts or even enter other charts with this song? And would you like to see Mikolas coming back to Eurovision someday? Let us know down in the comments.

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