Mélovin “Wastes No Time” with new single release

March 10, 2022


Ukraine’s Eurovision 2018 representative Mélovin, has released a new single “Waste No Time” (Не зволікай). The singer, who rose to fame after winning X Factor Ukraine in 2015, has written and composed the song amidst the ongoing conflict in Ukraine.

Mélovin filmed a live video for this song during his stay in Lviv, where he has also been volunteering to try and help organise supplies for his countrymen. Mélovin aims to lift the spirits of people through music, and his song conveys the emotions felt by Mélovin and all other Ukrainians during this difficult time.

Speaking out about the current situation in Ukraine, and how it was for him when it all began, Mélovin has said: “On the night of February 23-24, I did not sleep. I opened a gift from my fans: a big Lego grand piano, which I built all night. I heard the first explosion at 1:53 and wrote about it in my team’s chat. My friends reassured me that everything was OK, and no one paid attention to it… At 5:57 a second explosion occurred, causing the windows to shake! I heard a series of loud explosions and a loud whistle. When I called the team, everyone said they heard it!… In the morning we started to pack quickly. I took my cat with me, and by 8am we had left for Lviv! What we saw on the street was almost unbelievable! People were in a panic, thousands of cars, many kilometers of traffic jams, queues to refuel the car…”

Ukrainian lyrics:

Не зволікай Час спливає швидкоплинно Не залишай своїх друзів, вони крила Змушуй себе, коли сил не вистачае Бо крім тебе самого ніхто тебе не знає

Руку тримай! Чуешь? Вітер нам шепоче Не залишай своїх мрій як того хочуть І пам’ятай, неможливого немає Бо крім тебе самого ніхто тебе не знає

Спину тримай Коли боляче стріляють Ті хто зовсім не з нами А гадають що все знають Не зволікай час для того щоб літати А за правду, свободу…. нам крила не зламати

Не повертайся хвилею болі Не накривай мене силою долі Не залишайся, а краще іди Скільки втратив я сил Ми не для того хто завжди в мінорі Бачить лише мокрі очі знайомих Їх серце ховає і ти не шукай Більше їм не дзвони

English translation:

Don’t delay
Time is running out
Don’t leave your friends, they are wings
Force yourself when you lack strength
Because no one knows you except yourself

Hold your hand!
Do you hear The wind whispers to us
Don’t leave your dreams as they want
And remember, nothing is impossible
Because no one knows you except yourself

Hold your back
When it hurts to shoot
Those who are not with us at all
And they think they know everything
Don’t procrastinate
And for the truth, freedom…. we don’t break our wings

Don’t come back with a wave of pain
Do not cover me with the power of fate
Don’t stay, you better go
How much I lost strength
We are not for those who are always in the minor
He sees only the wet eyes of acquaintances
Their heart hides and you do not look
Stop ringing them

Our thoughts and prayers go out to everyone affected by the ongoing conflict.

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