Melodifestivalen Andra Chansen results are in

| March 6, 2021

Today the second chance round in Melodifestivalen took place, where eight songs competed for the final four spots in the Melfest final, and the chance to represent Sweden in Eurovision 2021.  The eight songs were divided into four duels, where the winner from each duel got a spot in the grand final on the 13th of March. The duels looked as follows: 


DUEL 1:  Alvaro Estrella with the song “Baila Baila” vs Lillasyster with the song “Pretender”


DUEL 2: Frida Green with the song “The Silence” vs Paul Rey with the song “The Missing Piece” 

DUEL 3: Eva Rydberg och Ewa Roos with the song “Rena Rama Ding Dong” vs Klara Klingenström with the song “Behöver inte dig idag”

DUEL 4: Klara Hammarström with the song “Beat of Broken hearts” vs Erfaim Leo with the song “Best of Me”

But only one song could win each duel, and the winners from each duel were:

Duel 1 : Alvaro Estrella – “Baila Baila”

Duel 2: Paul Rey – “The Missing Piece” 

Duel 3: Klara Klingenström – “Behöver inte dig idag”

Duel 4: Klara Hammarström – “Beat of Broken Hearts”

These songs will join the following songs in the Melodifestivalen grand final next week:

  • Arvingarna – “Vill inte alls gå hem”
  • Danny – “Dandi dansa”
  • Anton Ewald – “New Religion”
  • Dotter – “Little tot”
  • Charlotte Perelli – “Still Young”
  • Tusse – “Voices”
  • The Mamas – “In the Middle”
  • Eric Saade – “Every Minute”

Today, the new spots in the Melodifestivalen Hall of fame was also revealed. The Melodifestivalen Hall of Fame was created last year as a way to honour iconic Melfest moments, artists, composers and hosts from Melodifestivalen’s long history.  The new spots on the Hall of Fame, voted in by the Swedish public, where the following:

  • Carola for her song “Främling” (1983)
  • Jan Johansen for his song “Se på mig” (1995)
  • Magnus Carlsson, for his performances with Barbados, Alaczar and as a solo artist.
  • Ulf Elving, for hosting Melodifestivalen three years in a row between 1977-1979
  • Britt Lindeborg – For being the first female songwriter in Melodifestivalen
  • The duo Orup och Glennmark (singers)
  • Ola Håkansson (song writer)


Next week on the 13th of March we will get to know who will win Melodifestivalen 2021 and represent Sweden in Rotterdam in May. 

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