Melodi Grand Prix 2021 final to take place on February 20th

| October 12, 2020

“In a time when there are no events where Norwegian people can come together for a shared experience, MGP 2021 will be especially important.”

The Norwegian head of delegation, Stig Karlsen, has said this of Melodi Grand Prix 2021 as he confirms the final will take place on February 20th. Stig revealed this news on October 11th during a live Facebook feed.

Just like the 2020 edition, Melodi Grand Prix 2021 will consist of five semi finals and a final. The first semi final will take place on January 16th, with the rest of the semi finals taking place every Saturday up until the final on February 20th. All of the shows will take place in H3 Arena in Fornebu, on the outskirts of Oslo.

Stig mentioned that despite all six shows taking place in the same venue, no two shows will be the same, and that all of the shows will bring something different. He also went on to say that due to the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic,  NRK have drawn up different scenarios for Melodi Grand Prix 2021, depending on what the situation is like in Norway at the time. He remains adamant that the show will have an audience, although it might be a smaller audience than usual: “Of course there will be fewer people in the audience, but we plan on including the whole country. It will be a different kind of MGP season, but we do nothing by halves.”

Are you excited for Melodi Grand Prix 2021? Which artists would you like to see compete? Let us know in the comments below!

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