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Meet the German jury for the Eurovision Song Contest 2022!

May 10, 2022

German Jury Eurovision 2022


Eurovision week is upon us! In the excitement that comes with Eurovision week, Germany have revealed their jury for the Eurovision Song Contest 2022!

Let’s meet the German jury that consists of Michelle, Max Giesinger, Tokunbo, Jess Schöne en Christian Brost.

German jury - Michelle

Welcome back to 2001, where Michelle represented Germany in the Eurovision Song Contest in Hanover. With her song “Wer Liebe Lebt” translated to, “Where Love Lives” Michelle ended up 8th in the Eurovision Song Contest Grand Final. 

She is a real Schlager icon in Germany and one of the biggest artists of the country. So she is very familiair to the big stage. 

Michelle will also be featured on ESC- Countdown to Turin and ESC- The Aftershow on German television where she is accompanied by Johnny Logan and Malik Harris, among others.

German jury - Max Giesinger

Max Giesinger is a German singer/songwriter who has 4 studio albums to his name and you might know from hit songs like “80 million” and “Legends”. 

With his music, Giesinger also received some of the biggest music awards like an MTV award and an German Television Award. 

Max has been a juror for Germany before, back in 2018 and is very honored to be back with a juror seat. 

"It's a huge honor for me to sit on this year's ESC jury. Even as a child, I thought the show and the variety of all the artists were mega! Rarely has it been more important to promote this diversity and the simultaneous cohesion in Europe , than these days. And who could do that better than the ESC!? I'm really looking forward to being a small part of this great event as a jury member."

German jury - Tokunbo

Also joining the German Eurovision Song Contest jury this year is German singer/songwriter Tokunbo. In her career, she has received a number of music awards, such as est Female Artist International Acoustic Music Awards 2020 and Silver Medal Winner Global Music Awards 2022. 

Besides her succesfull music career, she also teaches at the University of Music, Theater and Media in Hanover. This is not the first jury seat Tokunbo has, she also joined the jury of the German Jazz Prize 2022. 

German jury - Jess Schöne

German tv host Jess Schöne will replace former juror Felicia Lu. Unfortunately, Felicia Lu had already shared her Eurovision favorites online but the EBU rules state that national jury members are not allowed to nominate their favorites.

For the tv host, with a glorious career for over 15 years, music has always been a big part of her life. She is known for interviewing music professionals and presented “Your song for one world!” Song Contest. Furthermore, she is a German reporter during the Junior Eurovision Song Contest. 

German jury - Christian Brost

Christian Brost has been active in the music industry for over 20 years now, where he is active as a music editor and moderator. Back in 2013, Brost was a German reporter on the Eurovision Song Contest in Riga where Emmelie de Forest won with her “Only Teardrops”. 

You may know him as head of music at hr3 in Frankfurt, one of the major German radio stations, which was a big part of the German selection process for the Eurovision Song Contest 2022. 

We’d like to hear from you! Which song will be the favorite of the German jury of the Eurovision Song Contest 2022? Let us know in the comments below! 

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