Me Vale! Miki Núñez releases second studio album ‘Iceberg’

| November 22, 2020

Miki Núñez has released his second studio album titled Iceberg. Miki’s first studio album, Amuza, was a success not only in Spain where it reached the top spot in the charts, but also across Europe due to it’s catchy lyrics and wholesome tunes. Similar to his first album, Iceberg features songs both in Spanish and Catalan. 

Most of the songs on Iceberg are in Spanish, however Arbre featuring Lildami is partly in Spanish and partly in Catalan. Cada Pas Del Camí and the album’s final song No M’ho Esperava are completely in Catalan. The structure of this album is very similar to Amuza, as the final song of that album, Escuirem, was also completely in Catalan.

Me Vale was the first single to be released from Iceberg back in the summer. The uplifting pop-rock song definitely has the singalong factor, and the music video was even shot in quarantine at Miki’s home during the ongoing pandemic, even featuring his parents and brother, and I think we can all relate to that one!

You can watch the very relatable music video for Me Vale below!

Iceberg is available to listen now or purchase on most music streaming platforms online. You can listen to the album on Spotify here!

Where do we know Miki from?

Miki Núñez is a Spanish singer from Terrassa, Barcelona. In 2018 he took part in series ten of the Spanish reality talent competition Operación Triunfo where he finished in 6th placeHe was then one of 13 Operación Triunfo contestants to be selected to compete in a spin off show where the winner would represent Spain in the Eurovision Song Contest 2019 held in Tel Aviv, Israel. 

Miki won the national selection with catchy tune La Venda and went on to fly the flag for Spain in Israel. He placed 22nd in the Grand Final of the Eurovision Song Contest with 54 points.

You can watch Miki’s interview with Eurovoxx at Eurovision in Concert in Amsterdam below!

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