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MARO has been “Loving in Silence” with her new single release

April 25, 2022


MARO is back with a brand new single, "We've Been Loving In Silence".

The song, which is the second single to be released from her upcoming album, is very much in tune with her previous releases, including her Eurovision entry “Saudade Suadade” and has a very relaxed and chilled out vibe to it.

The song is available on major streaming platforms, as well as YouTube, where you can see the official music video featuring a familiar face in Salvador Sobral (Eurovision 2017).

The release date for her upcoming album has yet to be announced. In the mean time, MARO will be performing “Suadade Suadade” in the second half of the first semi final on May 10th in Turin.

Have you heard “We’ve Been Loving In Silence” yet? Are you excited for her upcoming album release? Let us know in the comments below!

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