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Marcus and Martinus prove to be “Unforgettable” with new album release

May 31, 2024


Marcus and Martinus are back with a brand new album, "Unforgettable".

The Norwegian twins, who recently represented Sweden at Eurovision 2024 with “Unforgettable” are back with a brand new album of the same name, and their first album in six years. The album is available on Spotify.

“We’re so excited to release our first album in six years! It’s a great representation of where we are as artists right now, and shows a more mature sound. We’ve been working really hard on it, and we’re so proud of the result. We really hope our fans will enjoy it.”

Their album title, “Unforgettable”, is of the same name as their Eurovision 2024 hit. Their Eurovision participation this year is something they will treasure forever: It was a crazy experience and the most fun we’ve ever had. It also gave us so many new fans and a huge support. So, the song will always have a special place in our hearts.”

The album signifies Marcus and Martinus’ foray into their adult era, showcasing a bigger soundscape and more mature lyrics, as their last three albums were all released when the twins were just teenagers. Among some original songs, we can also find some cover songs, including “Wicked Game” by Chris Isaak.

Now that Eurovision 2024 is over, the twins have embarked on a European tour, the “We Are Not The Same Tour Part 2”. They will be performing in Sweden, Finland, Norway, Germany, Poland, Czechia, Belgium, United Kindom, Netherlands, Switzerland, Italy, Slovenia, Austria and Hungary. The tour began on May 30th and will run through till March 16th, 2025.

Have you heard Marcus and Martinus’ new album, “Unforgettable”? Will you be seeing the twins on their “We Are Not The Same Tour Part 2” tour? Let us know in the comments below!

Photo credit: Fredrik Etoall

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