Måns Zelmerlöw to Star in a Swedish Christmas Show Special.

| October 2, 2020

Eurovision icon, MÃ¥ns Zelmerlöw, will unite with fellow Swedish native comedian, Per Andersson to star in a Christmas show in his home country. The show will be called ‘Tomten Och Bocken – En slags Julshow’ or ‘Santa and the Goat – A kind of Christmas Show’ in English. It will be a comedy show featuring musical cameos, comedic sketches and some improvisation that will get Swedes into the Holiday spirit ahead of Christmas. 

(Above) MÃ¥ns performs ‘Cara Mia’,  his first Eurovision-related song in Meoldifestivalen 2007 where he finished 3rd in the final in Stockholm. 

MÃ¥ns’ long-term experience on the wider Eurovision Scene continues to expand into the wider mainstream TV presenting and musical world. Via Instagram, he combined a message of hope for the entertainment industry with the announcement, stating that, 

“Hopefully we inspire / influence all stakeholders to continue to work for more “safe openings” and thus benefit the survival of commercial / privately owned culture secure tens of thousands of cultural jobs. Let’s go! Welcome to [‘Santa & The Goat – A kind of Christmas Show’].

It is so reassuring to see how passionate MÃ¥ns is about performing arts and his role in the entertainment industry. He clearly wants to do all he can to ensure that COVID-19 cannot hurt performers or musicians in Sweden and beyond. Hopefully this show will provide fans with comedic enjoyment and improve the spirit among all who watch it. MÃ¥ns has also united with Per Andersson before in fact, in 2011, Per was a participant for celebrity Singing show, ‘AllsÃ¥ng at Skansen’ that MÃ¥ns hosted that year. The show, set to air in December 2020, will also have an illustrious director, Edward af Sillén, behind the reigns. Edward has worked as both a songwriter and staging director for numerous Melodifestivalen artists including the great Molly Sandén. He also collaborated to produce both the 2013 and 2016 Eurovision Song Contests on home soil. With this in mind, the new show looks incredibly likely to bring some success to Swedish TV Screens. 

(Above) Måns and Per share the stage working together earleir this year . 

Sweden at Eurovision

Since making its debut in the early 1958 contest, Sweden has taken part in 59 editions. For every edition since 1959, Sweden has used their renowned National Final, Meolidfestivalen, to select their participant. Sweden has six Eurovision wins, most notably, two 2010s victories from Loreen in 2012 & MÃ¥ns Zelmerlöw in 2015.  On top of this, Sweden also claims fame to one second place and six third place finishes. Sweden has also hosted the contest 6 times and the iconic 2016 hosting duo of Petra Mede and MÃ¥ns Zelmerlöw were named the best presenters between 2010 and 2016. Some of Sweden’s most memorable entries include, Den Vilda (1996), Hero (2008), and Undo (2014). The mamas won Sweden’s 2020 ticket to Eurovision in Rotterdawith their song “Move” before the cancellation of the 65th edition. 

What do you think about the announcement of this new show, MÃ¥ns Zelmerlöw’s music and Sweden at Eurovision? Let us know in the comments!


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