Manizha’s Eurovision Dress represents all of Russia

April 3, 2021


Known throughout Russia for her feminism and activism, Manizha is taking representing her country and culture one step further. The dress used for her performance in Rotterdam this year will consist of pieces of fabric that have been collected from all over Russia.

Head of the Non-Governmental Organization, Yakut National Dress Masters, Svetlana Maximova used her Instagram platform to make the announcement. Once all the pieces have been gathered, they will be sewn together to create the dress that Manizha will wear on the Rotterdam stage.

The Republic of Sakha (Yakutia) and the Khanty-Mansi administrative district were especially difficult to receive fabric from. Najiba Usmanova, Manizha’s mother explained:

“The pieces of fabric from Yakutia were collected! Through the kybytyk tigii technique, a small ‘panel’ is sewn in the form of 5 meshes, which has a protective hue. It is a traditional seam, which has a coloured hue. Our grandmothers were very frugal and patient and created masterpieces from small pieces. We are very happy to take part in the singer’s effort on behalf of Sakhaly Tanas. And we wish Manhiza a brilliant career, a colourful life and to be protected by our ancestors.”

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