Måneskin wins Sanremo 2021

| March 7, 2021

After five nights full of music and artists of the highest level, Sanremo 2021 finally has a winner: Måneskin and the song “Zitti e buoni” (“Shut up and good”). At the moment, the band has not confirmed whether they will represent Italy at Eurovision.

 After listen to the 26 songs in the “Campioni” category, the category linked to Eurovision, the audience has voted by phone for their favourite songs. At the end of this vote, the final ranking has been shown. The final classification combines also the votes of the previous nights: jury (33%), press (33%) and by the audience (34%). The result has been the following:

  1. /
  2. /
  3. /
  4. Colapesce e Dimartino – «Musica leggerissima».
  5. Irama – «La genesi del tuo colore».
  6. Willie Peyote – «Mai dire mai (La locura)».
  7. Annalisa – «Dieci».
  8. Madame – «Voce».
  9. Orietta Berti – «Quando ti sei innamorato».
  10. Arisa – «Potevi fa».
  11. La Rappresentante di Lista – «Amare».
  12. Extraliscio feat. Davide Toffolo – «Bianca luce nera».
  13. Lo Stato Sociale – «Combat Pop».
  14. Noemi – «Glicine».
  15. Malika Ayane – «Ti piaci così».
  16. Fulminacci – «Santa Marinella».
  17. Max Gazzè e La Trifluoperazina Monstery Band – «Il farmacista».
  18. Fasma – «Parlami».
  19. Gaia – «Cuore amaro».
  20. Coma_Cose – «Fiamme negli occhi».
  21. Ghemon – «Momento perfetto».
  22. Francesco Renga – «Quando trovo te».
  23. Gio Evan – «Arnica».
  24. Bugo – «E invece sì».
  25. Aiello – «Ora».
  26. Random – «Torno a te».

 The order of the TOP 3 has not been discovered so as not to influence the final round voting, but the three songs have been:

  • Ermal Meta – «Un milione di cose da dirte».
  • Francesca Michelin e Fedez – «Chiamami per nome».
  • Måneskin – «Zitti e buoni».

Photo source: repubblica.it

"La Finalissima"

The three best-ranked artists have competed against each other in a super final. In this “finalissima”, the markers have been set zero for the three songs and they have been voted again by the jury (33%), by the press (33%) and the audience (34%). The final result has been:

  1. Måneskin – «Zitti e buoni».
  2. Francesca Michelin e Fedez – «Chiamami per nome».
  3. Ermal Meta – «Un milione di cose da dirte».


 At the moment, we do not know if Måneskin will accept the invitation to represent Italy at Eurovision 2021. Remember that in Sanremo, the winner of the “Campioni” category is invited to represent Italy at Eurovision. If the proposal is rejected, the RAI will propose another artist from this category to be the Italian flag bearer in Rotterdam. This invitation can be for any artist, not necessarily the runner-up.

What do you think? Was Måneskin your favorite? Do you think it would do a good job in Eurovision? What Sanremo song do you prefer for Eurovision? Let us know in the comments below!”


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