Måneskin win “Best Alternative Video” at the VMAs and get censored during their performance

September 3, 2022


Aaaaand the award for "Best Alternative Video" goes to... Måneskin  for "I Wanna Be Your Slave"!

They were also nominated for Best Emerging Artist and Group of the Year.

 ”It’s unexpected and we’re really glad to be here, we’re sitting next to our favourite artists so it’s amazing for us” says Damiano, when receiving the trophy.

Their career is only beginning. After winning the Eurovision Song Contest in 2021, the popularity of the italian band exploded. Their songs “I Wanna Be Your Slave” and “Coraline” and their cover of “Beggin” went viral. They went on a European promotional tour and later, in America and Japan. They were approched by the brand Gucci and went on famous American television shows such as “The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon.” 

Before this trophy, they won several other awards: “Best Rock Song”, “Best Alternative Group” and “Best International Artist”.

They performed “Supermodel” during this years event. But things didn’t go the way they should. As always, the band was quite provocative in front of the camera. Damiano was wearing a thong that exposes his butt. Then, the bassist Victoria de Angelis removed the upper part of the bodysuit that she was wearing, leaving her breasts exposed. 

As soon as this happens, the image of the performance is lost and, when returning to the images of the stage, they are close shots of Damiano David. As a consequence, they were censored causing the fury among the fans. 

One thing is clear, they won’t stop surprising us soon!

What are your thoughts on their performance being censored? Let us know in the comments below!

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