Maksym Tkachuk disqualified from Ukraine’s Junior Eurovision national final

| August 18, 2020

It has been reported by Ukrainian media that Maksym Tkachuk has been disqualified from Ukraine’s national final for Junior Eurovision 2020 for violating the rules of the national selection process.

Earlier this year, Maksym performed in the  “Stars of the Albion” festival in London, where he sang the Soviet song “Smuglyanka”. It is this performance, of this song, that is the reason for his disqualifiation from the national final, as it is claimed that it breaks the rules of the national final.

The Ukrainian news site Vesti, have reported that the 12 year old singer was in breach of the rule which states: “the participant guarantees that he has not carried out concert activities, performances, participation in any public and / or private events organized by state bodies, institutions, economic entities, etc. of the aggressor country or on the territory of the aggressor country, in the Autonomous Republic of Crimea and / or in the occupied territory of Ukraine after 15.03.2014, does not plan, or make any announcements of the relevant performance (s) both in the period before and during the selection, and in the period after the selection until the final date of the international competition.”

Zurab Alasania, former CEO of the Ukrainian broadcaster UA:PBC, posted about the situation on his official Facebook page. He mentions that agencies of the Russian foreign affairs ministry were a part of the organisation behind The Stars of Albion festival, which puts Maksym in breach of the rules.

Applications for Ukraine’s Junior Eurovision 2020 national final will remain open until August 25th. Between August 26th and 27th, a total of 11 finalists will be chosen, where one of them will have the honour of representing their country in Warsaw this November.

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