LOBODA’s “Boom-Boom” gets mixed reviews online

| August 24, 2020

“Being different is my priority”. That’s what Ukraine’s LOBODA said upon the release of her controversial “Boom –Boom” music video. She recorded the song with Russian hip-hop artist Pharaoh (Gleb Golubin). The man behind the idea of the video was a popular Russian showman and TV presenter Alexander Gudkov.

The video comes with an 18+ age warning. Opening with a quote from French feminist writer Simone de Beauvoir, we then see a group of middle-aged men judging a series of women solely by their appearance. The women in the so-called ‘beauty contest’ are well-known influencers, singers, TV personalities, even an ex-presidential candidate. The power that comes from these women eventually appears to be too much for the men. As a result, we see a literal head explosion. After that, the women take the spot, and now they are the ones giving scores, judging and throwing some men into the pit.

The song and the video have every component that can make it a hit: memorable dance moves and lyrics, interesting outfits, and an original plot. Despite this, not all the viewers seem to appreciate the idea of Loboda and Gudkov. Within a few hours, the video received over 20 thousand likes and over 50 thousand dislikes, the video has more than 400 thousand dislikes at the moment. According to many fans, this work turned out to be one of the worst from the “Be My Valentine” singer.

Despite the criticism, there are some supporters of the song, with some people in the Youtube comments saying that the song and video touches on the subject of feminism and female empowerment.

This is not the first time the work of LOBODA gets a negative response. Back in February, a similar situation occurred after the release of the video for the track “New Rome”, which was directed by a well-known director Alan Badoev.

Ukraine in the Eurovision Song Contest

Ukraine’s Eurovision history dates back to 2003 when they first debuted in the contest with the song Hasta La Vista. The second year Ukraine participated Ruslana won the entire contest with her song Wild Dances, which brought the contest in 2005 to Ukraine’s capital Kiev. After getting 2 second places and one third place in-between 2005 and 2014 Ukraine took a one-year break in 2015. Jamala made Ukraine’s comeback in 2016 with her 1944, she won the contest, and brought the contest once again back to Kiev. Go_A was selected to represent Ukraine in 2020, before the contest got cancelled.

What do you think of LOBODA’s latest work? Share your thoughts about Boom–Boom in the comments below!

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