Lithuania: LRT launches campaign to support The Roop

April 10, 2021



LRT, Lithuanian national broadcaster, has started a campaign all over the social media in order to support their Eurovision Song Contest 2021 representatives.

They decided to hype up their hopefuls in many different ways, such as creating some dance routines, finger tricks or to color something in yellow as homage to their Discotheque costumes. The point is to show The Roop some support in the most creative way, so there are basically no limits.

The other idea is to try to unite Lithuanians, both from Lithuania and abroad, as well as to distract them from all the negativity caused by the on-going pandemic.

The yellow colour is chosen for several reasons. Aside from being the colour of The Roop’s iconic costumes, it is also one of three colours on Lithuanian flag. Vaidotas Valiukevičius, the lead singer from the band, pointed out in the Q&A on the Eurovision Instagram account that the colour can also be a symbol of hope.

The Roop

The Roop is a band from Lithuania who won their right to represent their country in Eurovision Song Contest 2020 after winning Lithuanian nation final Pabandom iš Naujo with the song On Fire. Among other songs, they stood out as one of the favorites to win the Eurovision.

After the Contest’s cancellation due to the coronavirus pandemic, LRT gave them an automatic qualification to the grand final of the next year’s national final. The Roop didn’t waste the opportunity and they won again with their song Discotheque. They are currently 8th favorite to win the Contest according to the bookies.

Lithuania will be performing 1st in the first semi-final of the Eurovision Song Contest 2021. That being said, not only are they opening the night but the whole Eurovision week!

Are you excited about Lithuanian entry? Will you consider participating in this campaign? Let us know down below! 


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