Listen to Natalia Gordienko’s “Sugar” for Moldova

March 4, 2021


After a long wait, Moldova has released "Sugar"

We have all being waiting for a while, but Moldova has finally released their entry for this year’s contest Sugar by Natalia Gordienko. The song was revealed after a roughly two-hour song presentation, with the songwriter, Philip Kirkorov, being the main spokesperson in the show. You can watch the song below:

Moldova will be performing in the first half of the 2nd Semi Final on the 20th May. Natalia Gordienko was supposed to represent Moldova in the 2020 edition of the contest prior to its cancellation with the song Prison.

Moldova in Eurovision

Since debuting in the 2005 contest, Moldova have never missed a contest. Moldova’s best result was reached in 2017 when SunStroke Project finished 3rd with their song Hey Mamma!. SunStroke Project already wrote history with the ‘Epic Sax Guy’ who is now world famous for his appearance. Some of Moldova’s most memorable Eurovision songs include Hora Din Moldova (2009), O Mie (2013) and My Lucky Day (2018). 

Photo: TRM

What do you think about Sugar? Where does it land in your rankings so far? Tell us in the comments below!

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