Light It Up with Eleni Foureira’s New Single!

| November 6, 2020

She is the famous Greek artist of Albanian origin who got Cyprus thier best result at the Eurovision Song Contest in 2018. Eleni Foureira is on Fuego again!  She is ready to set the dance floor on fire with her new song ‘Light It Up’. Her previous music releases this year include ‘Yayo‘ and ‘Temperatura‘.  Tempuratura was later accompanied with a Spanish version.

For her latest release, ‘Light It Up‘, Eleni shifted away from her more recent Spanish language vibe and travelled back in time onto the dance floor, right in time to ride the current retro disco trend. In the pre-chorus she sings: “I am gasoline and you are my fire.  Our love is T.N.T about to blow.” which throws back to her breakout hit, ‘Fuego‘.  Eleni’s new song shows her moving in a new direction — disco Goddess.

The song has been composed by Eleni, the producer Arcade, Andy Nicolas and Michael Tsaousopoulos.  I has been released with an 80s style music video directed by Giannis Michelopoulos.

Did Eleni Light You Up with her new song? Let us know in the comments below! 


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