Liechtenstein will not make their Eurovision debut in 2021

| August 4, 2020

Liechtenstein will not be making a Eurovision debut in 2021. The main reason is the fact that they are still not a member of the European Broadcasting Union due to insufficient financial requirements.

Their broadcaster, 1FL TV, has already confirmed that the microstate will not debut in the next year’s contest in Rotterdam. 1FL TV is still not an official member of the European Broadcasting Union, and therefore has no permission to participate in Eurovision or even Junior Eurovision. 

Back in 2019, the broadcaster of Liechtenstein confirmed that the country would not be making their debut in Eurovision 2020, due to financial issues and them not being a member of the European Broadcasting Union. Andy, Jess and Paolo took to our official YouTube channel to discuss this, as you can see below.

Alongside the Vatican, Liechtenstein is the only indisputably independent European state that has never participated in the Eurovision Song Contest. However, Liechtenstein has already made many attempts to participate in the Eurovision Song Contest. 

Their first attempt was back in 1976, where Biggi Bachmann should have participated with the song “My little Cowboy”, but this song has never been released. Liechtenstein was unfortunately not allowed to participate because they did not yet have their own radio station at the time. Since 2009, the Liechtenstein broadcaster 1FL TV, which was founded in 2008, has repeatedly tried to join the European Broadcasting Union, and take part in Eurovision someday.

Liechtenstein also tried to take part in Eurovision 2019. On July 20 2018 however, the European Broadcasting Union confirmed that the broadcaster had not submitted an application for membership. One week later, the broadcaster 1FL TV confirmed that they won’t participate in the contest due to the sudden death of the broadcasting director Peter Kölbel.

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