Lesley Roy, Destiny & Anxhela Peristeri Pictured Together Rehearsing in Stockholm

| April 30, 2021

Eurovision 2021 is fast approaching, with rehearsals beginning in Rotterdam next weekend.  However, 3 of our Eurovision stars are currently preparing for rehearsals at the same gym in Stockholm.  Lesley Roy (Ireland), Destiny (Malta) and Anxhela Peristeri (Albania) had a chance to catch up today and Lesley shared an awesome photo on her Instagram account.

Also pictured are Fredrik Rydman, creative director for Heroes (Sweden, 2015 — Winner) who is working with Lesley Roy on her staging for her song Maps.  Anxhela and Destiny’s creative director Sasha Jean-Baptiste is also pictured.

We love to see our Eurovision stars getting the chance to get to know each other! 


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