Laura Bączkiewicz will represent Poland in Junior Eurovision 2022 with her song To The Moon!

September 25, 2022



Laura Bączkiewicz is the winner of Szansa na Sukces Junior Eurovision! She will represent Poland with the song To The Moon.

The final of Szansa na Sukces was divided into two parts. In the first one, the finalists sang covers of one of the songs from their semifinals (but not the one they performed previously). The performances in the running order were:

  • Natalia Smaś with Rain On Me by Lady Gaga feat. Ariana Grande
  • Ida Wargskog with Arcade by Duncan Laurence
  • Aleksander Maląg with Somebody by Sara James
  • Laura Bączkiewicz with Hold My Hand by Lady Gaga

After the first round of performances jury and televoters have chosen their top 2. They went to the superfinal, where they performed original songs composed for Junior Eurovision. The superfinalists were:

  • Laura Bączkiewicz – To The Moon (composed by: Monika Wydrzyńska and Jakub Sebastian Krupski)
  • Aleksander Maląg – On My Way (composed by: Sara Chmiel, Marta Gałuszewska, Gromee and Bruno Rex)

In the interval Viki Gabor performed her new song Barbie. After that, Olek Sikora, who hosted the show announced the televote and jury winner. In both rankings Laura Bączkiewicz received more points becoming Polish representative for Junior Eurovision 2022.

The voting results were:

  • Laura Bączkiewicz – 10 + 10
  • Aleksander Maląg – 8 + 8

The jury in the final (whose vote would be deciding in case of a tie) consisted of:

  • Anna Cyzowska – head of the entertainment and setting creation agency in TVP
  • Konrad Smuga – director of Polish performances in JESC
  • Grzegorz Urban – musical director of Szansa na Sukces
Do you like To The Moon? Who was your favourite singer in this year’s Szansa na Sukces? Let us know in the comments below!


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