Laura and Loic are no ‘Strangers’ to each other!

| November 6, 2020

Mark 06/11/2020, the day that Laura Tesoro and Loïc Nottet released their new single “Strangers” feat  Alex Germys. 

The young duo, Loic and Laura, are definitely not strangers as the title of their single suggests; in fact, both of them have numerous experiences in common, from participating in the Eurovision Song Contest to being alumni of “The Voice”. 

The song centers on the theme of relationships and the dangers of lovers turning into strangers. Loic started the pleasant and slow tempo song with Laura harmonising from the chorus onwards and taking over the 2nd verse. Before long, you would find yourself immersed in the song with your eyes closed and gently swaying to the melody of the music. 

Strangers” is that beautiful! Have a listen to the song yourself! 

Loic and Laura after Eurovision Song Contest

Loic Nottet represented Belgium at the 2015 Eurovision Song Contest with his song “Rhythm inside” where he placed fourth in the finals. Since Eurovision, Loic has released two albums, “Selfocracy” in 2017 and “Sillygomania” in 2020. Loic also won the Best Belgian Act category at the 2017 MTV Europe Music Awards

Laura Tesoro represented Belgium at the 2016 Eurovision Song Contest with her song “What’s the Pressure” where she placed tenth in the finals. Since Eurovision, Laura has released two singles  “Higher” and “Beast” in 2017. She released her first album “Limits” in 2019 which includes the instant radio hit “Press Pause”.

What do you think about “Strangers”? Would you like to see future collaborations between Loic and Laura? Let us know in the comments below! Remember to follow our social media pages for updates about everything Eurovision related! 


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