Latvia: Supernova 2023 finalists have been revealed

February 4, 2023


The ten finalists of Supernova 2023 have been revealed.

The Supernova 2023 semi final took place tonight in Latvia, hosted by Ketija Šēnberga and Eurovision 2003 co-representative, Lauris Reiniks.

A total of fourteen songs competed, with ten advancing to the final. The results were decided by 50% jury vote and 50% televote.

  • Patrisha – “Hush” (qualified)
  • Sudden Lights – “Aijā” (qualified)
  • Luīze – “You To Hold Me” (qualified)
  • Markus Riva – “Forever” (qualified)
  • Raum – “Fake Love” (qualified)
  • 24. Avēnija – “You Said” (qualified)
  • Alise Haijima – “Tricky” (qualified)
  • Artūrs Hatti – “Love Vibes” (qualified)
  • Toms Kalderauskis – “When It All Falls” (qualified)
  • Avéi – “Let Me Go” (qualified)
  • Inspo – “Sway”
  • Adriana Miglāne – “Like I Wanna” 
  • Justs – “Stranger” 
  • Katrine Miller – “Beaten Down” 

The final of Supernova 2023 will take place on February 11th, with Ketija Šēnberga and Lauris Reiniks as hosts again. The results will again be decided by 50% televote and 50% jury vote.

Are you happy with the results of tonights show? Which performances were your favourites from tonights semi final? Let us know in the comments below!

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