Last 4 qualifiers for Benidorm Fest final announced

February 1, 2024


St. Pedro wins Benidorm Fest Semi Final 2

The 4 qualifiers from the second semi final of Benidorm Fest are:

St. Pedro – Dos Extraños (Cuarteto de Cuerda)         
María Peláe – Remitente 
Jorge González – Caliente                     
Almácor – Brillos platino               

Tonight the Benidorm Fest week continued in the Palau Municipal d’Esports l’Illa de Benidorm. Ruth Lorenzo and Marc Calderó were the host of the night with Ana Prada supporting from the greenroom.

From the 8 artist performing tonight only 4 qualified to the grand final on saturday. The qualifiers got selected 25% by televote, 25% demoscopic jury and 50% jury.

Artist:                                                  Jury    Demoscopic    Televote    Total

St. Pedro – Dos Extraños                  94               35                 35             164
María Peláe – Remitente                   71               30                 30             131
Jorge González – Caliente                42               40                 40             122
Almácor – Brillos platino                   65               25                 25             115
Roger Padrós – El temps                   55               20                 28             103
Marlena – Amor de verano                48               28                  20             96
Yoly Saa – No se me olvida                35               22                 22             79
Dellacruz – Beso en la mañana         22               16                  16             54

The 4 songs that did not make the final are:

Roger Padrós – El temps 
Marlena – Amor de verano                   
Yoly Saa – No se me olvida               
Dellacruz – Beso en la mañana         

The running order was as followed:

1 María Peláe – Remitente
2 Dellacruz – Beso en la mañana
3 Marlena – Amor de verano
4 St. Pedro – Dos Extraños (Cuarteto de Cuerda)
5 Jorge González – Caliente
6 Yoly Saa – No se me olvida
7 Roger Padrós – El temps
8 Almácor – Brillos platino

Spain in the Eurovision Songcontest

Spain debuted in 1961 and have since then participated 62 times. They won the contest twice, back to back in 1968 with ‘La La La…’ & 1969 with Vivo Cantando.

Since 2000 Spain has been a member of the ‘Big 4’, the biggest contributing participants. In 2011 the ‘Big 4’ became the ‘Big 5’. This means that unlike regular participants, Spain doesn’t have to take part in the Semi Finals of the contest, and qualifies automatically to the grand final.

Spain has finished last place 5 times in the contest in 4 different decades. 3 of which with 0 points.

2 years ago Channel collected the bronze medal for her country, and Blanca Paloma got 17th with a true Spanish song, which created a lot of hope in the country of winning the contest for the first time in 54 years

Who do you think will win Benidorm Fest 2024 and go on to represent Spain in the grand final in Malmö? And who are your favorites? Vote in the poll and let us know in the comments what you think!

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