Kazakhstan joins list of broadcasting countries for Eurovision 2021

May 14, 2021


Khabar Agency confirms broadcast of Eurovision 2021

The Kazakh broadcaster Khabar Agency has confirmed that they will broadcast all three shows of the Eurovision Song Contest 2021. This news doesn’t come as a surprise, considering that Kazakhstan has shown Eurovision since 2010 where it was held in Oslo, Norway. They therefore join the club of non-participating countries who broadcast the biggest music show on earth, just like Canada (OMNI Television) and Slovakia (Radio_FM). On the other hand, previous participating countries such as Hungary have decided not to broadcast the show which indicates a loss of interest and a low chance of return in the near future. 

Kazakhstan has ambitions to join Eurovision

It is not a secret that Kazakhstan has ongoing ambitions to participate in the adult version of the Eurovision Song Contest. As an associate member of the European Broadcast Union (EBU), Kazakhstan don’t have the right to participate by itself as full members. However, Australia has shown that it is possible to be a participating country in the contest, followed by an invitation by the EBU. Since 2018, Kazakhstan participates in the Junior Eurovision Song Contest. They have debuted with Danelija Tuleshova and the song Ózine sen. With two 2nd places and a 6th place finish, the country proves that it submits quality entries and enriches the competition.

How high are the chances for Kazakhstan to join Eurovision?

Kazakhstan already participates in various European competitions. The European qualification for the world championships in soccer is just one example for that. As already said, Kazakhstan also participates at Junior Eurovision Song Contest. It needs to be said though that this country has way lower participating countries than the adult version, the latest edition in 2020 only had 12 competitors including Kazakhstan. Therefore, in case of a dropping number of competing nations in the future, there might be a chance for Kazakhstan to get invited by the EBU in the future. Belarus and Armenia have proven that countries who have pretty much consistently participated in the past may withdraw in the future. 

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Image Source: EBU

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