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Kazakhstan: could we see them participating in Eurovision?

| August 24, 2020

After making their debut in 2018, Kazakhstan has had a lot of success in The Junior Eurovision Song Contest the past two years. So, could we be seeing Kazakhstan in Eurovision in the future?

Almost every country in Europe has already taken part at the Eurovision Song Contest. But in order to participate in the Eurovision, the country must first be recognized by the UN as an independent state. Furthermore it must have a radio or television station which is a member of the European Broadcasting Union (EBU). It’s usually only possible to participate in the Eurovision Song Contest, if the country is a member of the EBU. For this reason, countries from North Africa and the Middle East could participate in the future, since these respective countries are members of the EBU. But since 2018 it‘s also possible for associated members to take part in the competition, if they got an invitation by the EBU.

Apart from Australia, Kazakhstan is one country, (along with various other countries from North Africa and the Middle East,) that could participate in Eurovision due to its EBU membership. Australia took part in Eurovision 2015 as a one-off to mark the 60th anniversary of the contest, but in 2016, they were made a permanent participating country (in both Eurovision and Junior Eurovision) by the EBU.

Kazakhstan has been broadcasting the Eurovision Song Contest with the public broadcaster Khabar Agency since 2010. Furthermore, the country has been participating at the Junior Eurovision Song Contest since 2018, where they finished in 6th place and 2nd place respectively. Because of its quality, many would like to see the country participating in the main contest during the next years and maybe we will soon have Kazakhstan as another promising participant in the contest.

What do you think about Kazakhstan in the Eurovision Song Contest? Do you think we will be seeing their Eurovision debut any time soon? Let us know what you think in the comments below!

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