Kate Miller-Heidke wants to listen to A Quiet Voice

| September 13, 2020

Its been a busy time here in Australia, but that has not stopped 2019 Eurovision powerhouse Kate Miller-Heidke. Not only is she releasing new music at a blistering pace, there are very strong whispers that she is The Queen on the television show The Masked Singer Australia.

But sometimes a queen just needs a little peace and quiet, which she sings about in her latest release, A Quiet Voice.

A Quiet Voice, which is from her upcoming album Child In Reverse, is comparatively stripped back to other songs released from the album, yet builds the easy listening melody, with layered vocals, and Kate’s signature tones. It is quite reminiscent of some of her earlier work, yet sounds modern, with that special quirkiness that only Kate can deliver.

Kate Miller possesses a soft-spoken demeanor.

A worthy queen will always deliver to her loyal subjects, and A Quiet Voice will not disappoint. Queen, we bow to thee!


It was revealed that the Queen was indeed Kate, finishing in 2nd place with yet another gravity defying perfomance. Congratulations Queen Kate!!



What do you think about Kate’s new music? Are you excited for her new album? Let us know in the comments!


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