Junior Songfestival 2020 songs released

| July 31, 2020

Over the past week, the four songs from the Dutch national final for Junior Eurovision 2020 have been released. All of the acts initially auditioned as soloists, but were then put together after the auditions, with the songs being specially made for each of the four acts.


T-Square – Count On Me 

Boyband T-Sqaure, consisting of Thijs, Teddy, Thimo and Tyron,  were the first to release their song Count On Me. The song talks about being able to count on other people when you need them, and putting yourself in the spotlight.

Jackie & Janae – It’s You And Me

Duo Jackie & Janae were the second to release their song, which is a lovely ballad. Talking about the meaning of the song, Janae says ”The song talks about how everyone is unique and how friendship unites everyone.”

Unity – Best Friends

Girlband Unity, consisting of Jayda, Naomi, Demi and Maud, will sing their song Best Friends in Ahoy. The song says that no matter how far away from each other friends live, best friends will always be united.

Robin – Mee (Along)

Robin will perform her song Mee together with her backing dancer in the final of Junior Songfestival 2020. She sings about a complicated relationship, but despite this, she still doesn’t want to lose her other half.

The Common Song – All We Need Is Music

Every year, the Dutch finalists for Junior Eurovision also have a common song that they all sing and perform together. And this year is no exception!

The Netherlands in Junior Eurovision

Together with Belarus, The Netherlands is one of the 2 countries that has been participating in the Junior Eurovision every since their debut in the first edition in 2003. In addition to winning the contest one in 2009, with Ralf Mackenbach and his song Click-Clack, The Netherlands also came second once, in 2011. In 2007 and 2012 they hosted the contest. Last year Matheu reached the 4th place in both the jury and online voting, thus ending up 4th overall. You can watch Jess’ reaction to his song here!

Which one of these four songs would you like to see represent The Netherlands at Junior Eurovision? Let us know in the comments below!

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