Junior Eurovision 2023: viewing figures from across Europe come in

November 28, 2023


Countries across Europe are revealing their viewing figures for Junior Eurovision 2023.

So far, we have viewing figures for Junior Eurovision 2023 from six participating countries – France, Ireland, Italy, Poland, Portugal and Spain.


France recorded an average of 1.21 million viewers for Junior Eurovision on home soil in Nice, achieving a 10.4% audience share. In comparison to the 2022 contest in Yerevan, they had on average 1.11 million viewers and an 8.9% audience share.

The highest viewing figures France has ever recorded for Junior Eurovision was in 2004, when they made their debut with Thomas Pontier. They had on average 2,048,960 viewers.


On average, 19,900 people tuned in to Junior Eurovision 2023 on TG4, with a total of 143,900 people tuning in to at least some moments of the contest, giving it a 2.54% audience share. This year sees the contest gaining 4,600 viewers compared to last year, when 15,300 people on average tuned in.


Despite broadcasting the contest live on their main channel RAI 1, the viewing figures are down by 502,000 viewers from last year; however, for a second year in a row, they have achieved viewing figures of over 1 million, reaching 1,025,000 viewers this year, which gives them an audience share of 7.1%.


Junior Eurovision 2023 was broadcast live in Poland on three television channels – TVP1, TVP ABC and TVP Poland. 1,647,297 watched the contest on TVP1, 100,510 on TVP ABC and 111,741 on TVP Poland. Overall, Poland saw an average of 1,859,548 viewers for the contest, with a 15.26% audience share.


Portugal saw an average of 256,000 viewers for Junior Eurovision 2023, achieving a 7.3% audience share. This is below the average for what the broadcaster achieved on Sunday 26th. This year sees a 63,000 decrease in viewers compared to last year.


827,000 people watched Junior Eurovision 2023 in Spain, giving the contest an audience share of 8.1%; however, an average of 3,624,0000 watched the contest at some point during its live broadcast. This year saw a decrease of 356,000 viewers compared to last year, and is the lowest viewing figures for Junior Eurovision in Spain since their debut in 2003.

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