Junior Eurovision 2022: viewing figures released

December 12, 2022


Various countries across Europe have revealed their viewing figures for The Junior Eurovision Song Contest 2022.

With just over 24 hours since the end of Junior Eurovision 2022 in Yerevan, Armenia, which saw France claiming a second victory in the contest, the viewing figures from the pariticipating countries (plus Germany) have slowly started to trickle in.


A peak of over 1.8 million people tuned in to see Lissandro cinch a second victory for France in Junior Eurovision 2022, with an average of 1.11 throughout the contest. With a market share of 8.9%, this is the lowest viewing figures for the contest since 2019.


Despite withdrawing from this years contest, Germany, who have confirmed they will be returning next year, still broadcast the contest on children’s televsision channel KiKa. They reported a peak of just under 175,000, with at least 170,000 people watching throughout the contest.

The contest saw a market share of 2.1%, with viewership falling by 60,000 compared to the 2021 contest, which Germany did participate in.


An average of 15,300 people tuned in to see Sophie Lennon achieve Ireland’s best result in Junior Eurovision, and their first top 5 placing in a Eurovision-related event since 1997, with a total of 121,000 people tuning into at least some part of the contest. These figures are down by 7,000 from 2021.


Italy recorded record breaking viewing figures for Junior Eurovision 2022 as 1,523,000 people tuned in to the contest on RAI’s main channel, RAI1 for the first time in Italy’s Junior Eurovision history. The contest received a market share of 11.7%.


Poland saw the lowest viewing figures for Junior Eurovision since 2018. An average of 2.1 million people watched the contest across three channels: TVP1, TVP ABC, and TVP Polonia. Peak viewership was at 3.2 million, a decrease from the 4.9 million that was seen in 2021.


Just like Italy, Portugal also reported record breaking viewing figures for Junior Eurovision, with an average of 319,400 people watching the contest. This is an increase of 30,000 from the 2021 contest.


Continuing with record breaking viewing figures is Spain, who saw 1.183 million people tuning in to the contest, an increase of 272,000 compared to 2021. The contest saw a market share of 10.1%. This is the highest viewing figures for Spain since they returned to Junior Eurovision in 2019.

The Netherlands

Viewing figures in The Netherlands increased by 40% when compared with the 2021 contest. A total of 279,000 people tuned in, and was the most watched show on NPO3 on Sunday 11th, with a market share of 1.7%.

In contrast to the 279,000 people who tuned in to the contest, 879,000 people watched at least some part of the contest.

United Kingdom

The United Kingdom saw over 700,000 viewers for Junior Eurovision 2022, which was broadcast on BBC One and kid’s channel CBBC. The last time the United Kingdom broadcast Junior Eurovision was on ITV in 2005, which saw 171,000 people tuning in.

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